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Design Build


Design build is the concept of taking a raw piece of land and developing a custom home concept from the ground up. We look at the natural topography and find a best fit design that works in harmony with the surrounding land features and view corridors. The goal is to create a unique resort style residence that flows within the bounds of its natural surroundings. With over two decades of building excellence in the Arizona market, we have become one of the top custom design build firms in the region.


In business, relationships are usually defined by the level of customer service you provide. It’s certainly no different in the custom home building industry. As a matter of fact, our extreme focus on client service and individual needs are as well defined as the blueprint we work from.


We Hold Both Hands – Copper Valley Custom Homes has set the standard for “hand holding” throughout the entire building process. Understanding that building a custom home can be a daunting task, we always go the extra mile to ensure a sense of comfort and confidence in all phases of construction.


Our team - We have worked with the same team of sub-contractors for years (in some cases over 20). They are responsible for ensuring that Copper Valley Custom Homes’ standard of excellence is maintained throughout the job. And because of the cohesiveness, our team takes on a sense of site ownership.


Architects/Designers - Over the past 26 years, we have worked with numerous architects and designers locally and nationally. We embrace creative collaboration with architects and designers pre-selected by our custom home clients. However, our expert resources are available to those custom home clients who have made no predetermined selections in this regard.


Vendor Benefits – Because of the outstanding relationship with our subcontractors and vendors, our customers are afforded favorable pricing on goods and materials and exceptional workmanship.


Expert building and design assistance – With our 26 year building history, our industry knowledge is second to none. Our suppliers even meet with us for feedback and comments on their products.  Sourcing the healthiest products available on the market is a responsibility we take to heart.


Location – Our corporate office is located where we work. We’re close to all of our homes and visit all of our sites daily.

Quality Materials – We have suppliers of quality materials from around the world. Granite and tiles from Stone Works, roman blinds from Blinds4UK, galvanized roofing from Galvers and Roofers, and a lot more to provide quality housing for our customers.

Fiscal Responsibility – Our estimates are fully transparent. This means no hidden charges or “added costs” throughout the building process. As a matter of fact, we consider fiscal responsibility to be a true sign of craftsmanship and quality.


Deadlines – We revere deadlines and schedules. It’s pretty simple - when we say we’re going to do something, we do it, whether it’s delivering a new door or a 12,000 sq. ft. home. Our respect for deadlines is an extension of the respect and trust you have put in us to build your home or renovation.


Property Acquisition – Sometimes building a home is the easy part. The hard part may just be finding the perfect spot to build it. Since we’ve been instrumental over the years in building in many North Valley communities and purchasing many individual lots, we know what’s available and can help with all aspects of a purchase. Many of the lots we purchase are not listed but acquired through word of mouth.  Our in house Real Estate team will get the job done.


Custom Homes


We’ve been asked many times why we always talk about relationships as it relates to Copper Valley Custom Homes. In the luxury, or custom home building market, “building the home of your dreams” seems to be the common theme. And yes, for many years we’ve designed and built dream homes for our customers as well. However, as we continue our storied Arizona history, we asked ourselves what is it we do best.


We know that the quality and workmanship of our homes is second to none. And sure, we’ve been honored just like other builders…but what truly sets us apart? So we decided to ask our past, present and even potential clients – why they selected or are considering selecting Copper Valley Custom Homes as their builder of choice. And you know what - every person mentioned the word relationship. Whether it was a custom home or renovation, the comments remained the same. At some point in building together, our customers become personally connected with the people at Copper Valley Custom Homes.


And now we look forward to showing you why building with Copper Valley Custom Homes is truly about Building Lasting Relationships.




In many cases, our clients choose to stay in their homes, but find the need to update their kitchens, baths, and entertainment areas. Our team of architects and space planners are equipped to turn that same old room into an inviting, fun living space that is functional by design. Some clients prefer to expand their residences. The added space and accompanying update to their current design, gives our client that new home feel, with the comforts of familiarity. Transforming your home with all the modern features brings peace of mind and a sense of renewal.


Remodeling a residence is an art. We like to call it the art of continuity. What this means in remodel-ese, is that our work is blended so perfectly that the upgrade looks like a continuation of the original home. Renovations should merely be an extension of what is in place - just expanded or upgraded.


Copper Valley Custom Homes are masters at identifying and using materials which look like exactly what’s in the existing home. This is mainly due to our vast contacts in our industry since we have been in the Arizona market for over 26 years. Our ability to continue design patterns and site lines are second to none. Apparently, we must be doing something right since many of our original custom home customers have specifically requested us for their renovation and remodeling.


Over the past several years we have remodeled small and large homes. We have remodeling experience in all design styles. Our crafts people work in wood, steel, concrete, glass, and synthetic materials. Regardless of the job, we apply the same care to each home we remodel. We manage the renovation process in a totally transparent and organized system that keeps our clients informed and the project efficient.


Copper Valley Custom Homes takes particular sensitivity to preserving what is good in the existing structure where appropriate, matching where appropriate, and blending in the new work, so that the house becomes enhanced. We have the knowledge to integrate cost effective energy efficient construction practices into existing spaces that can greatly affect the comfort and operating cost of the home. Renovation is a team effort, with architects, builders, and clients joining forces to take something current and turn it into something new and wonderful.